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We Produce Model-Free Crowns


Why Model-free? At Digital Dental Leaders we believe that a model-free process is the only truly digital process. Introducing a model reverts to an analog method that introduces more opportunity for error.



Noritake Katana® Multilayered Full Contour Crown/Bridge/Inlay/Onlay 

Noritake Katana utilizes a manufacturing process that builds in a natural transition from gingival to incisal shade and translucency. At 750 MPa, Noritake Katana STML is a great esthetic option where minimal stump masking is required. 

Recommended application: anterior and posterior crown and bridge where space is adequate

BruxZir® Full Contour Crown/Bridge/Inlay/Onlay 

BruxZir boasts the best material strength available at over 1100 MPa. It is ideal for areas in the posterior with minimal space or for dark preps that need to be masked.  

Recommended applications: limited occlusal clearance, posterior bridge work, molars, heavy bruxism.

E-max CAD® Full Contour Crown/Veneer/Inlay/Onlay 

E-max CAD by Ivoclar is a trusted option for nearly any application. Because of its superior esthetics and the ability to etch and bond, E-max has become the gold standard for veneer and inlay/onlay application.

Recommended application: anterior and posterior, avoid sharp corners on preps.

Choose model-free digital dental restorations for fast, beautiful results that fit perfectly the first time.


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