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Try Before You Buy


Systems Evaluation Event (SEE) 

This informal and instructional event is designed for you and your staff to personally experience the most popular digital scanners and experience the savings for yourself. Because we don't manufacture or represent one particular digital impression system, we give you unbiased one-on-one reviews and hands-on demos of the systems so you can try each one out for yourself. 

What You Will Experience

Wondering how the top-rated digital scanners actually work? At our Systems Evaluation Events (SEE) we're giving doctors the opportunity to experience the digital scanners for themselves in an informal environment– all questions welcome! In addition to receiving an informal education and hands-on demo of the scanners, we're providing you and your practice with an affordable way to get a cost-effective digital impression system and a reliable lab partner. 

How We Help 

Our knowledgeable staff will be on hand at every event to help you learn about the digital process and its cost savings to your practice as well as answer specific concerns you may have. Once you've chosen your preferred digital impression system, we give you personalized training and knowledge so it quickly becomes a revenue-generating part of your practice. 

Experience the ease and efficiency of digital scanning for yourself with our experienced trainers. Find an event near you.

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