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Improve Impression Quality


Unrivaled Quality

3shape_trios.jpgBecause the digital impression eliminates seven steps associated with the traditional process, the chance of compromising quality decreases dramatically.

When dental practices use a digital impression system, it results in a simple workflow that decreases the chance for human error. Digital Dental Leaders’ narrow focus provides only the best performing product through the most reliable means – full-contour, model-free digital crowns. We fabricate these crowns in 3 days and delivery and shipping are included.

The Digital Process Eliminates These Tedious Steps: 

Pack & Label / Ship / Receive & Unpack / Transfer & Schedule / Pour Model / Trim Die / Scan Model

Maximize Impression Fit and Longevity

DDL uses only the highest quality BruxZir and BruxZir Anterior restorations. 

BruxZir boasts the best material strength available at over 1100 MPa. It is ideal for areas in the posterior with minimal space or for dark preps that need to be masked.

BruxZir Anterior is a beautiful translucent zirconia that offers strength superior to Emax while maintaining similar esthetic characteristics. All cases will be manufactured in BruxZir Anterior unless prescribed as Original Bruxzir. BruxZir Anterior (650 MPa) is 60% stronger than Emax (400 MPa).

Revolutionize your impression process with model-free, full-contour digital processes.

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