Digital Dental Leaders

COVID-19 Updates


Update 4/30/2020

Our production lab is set up to meet health standards and ready to fulfill your prescribed work. All non-production employees are set up to work from home.

Please see our Covid Relief Pricing video here and contact us to get our letter and price list

We also want to remind our clients of the benefits of digital dentistry in a time like this. As a digital dentist working with an all-digital laboratory like DDL, together we are able to eliminate cross-contamination concerns that arise from taking and processing traditional impressions. DDL only accepts intraoral scans, so there are no traditional impressions on site. 

We understand that our clients are involved in the essential work of removing disease and decay and that the needs of the patient are paramount. As a dental laboratory, we simply fulfill an RX submitted by you, the healthcare professional. We rely on our clients judgment of what is "essential" and therefore will do our best to fulfill all orders received in a timely manner.

Please notify us if your office hours have been altered and you would like us to temporarily ship to a different address (the doctors home). 

We thank you for partnering with us to provide quality care for your patients. We ask for your patience in production and communication as we will be working with a greatly diminished staff. We plan to have everyone back and working together as soon as it is deemed reasonably safe.